About Crafty Pitara by Neha

Creating new things is my Jam

I am just a sucker for handmade products who is trying to build her own craft empire.

It journey started with my son’s first birthday, I wanted to create everything on my own and hence the journey for Crafty Pitara by Neha began. After 7 years I still love exploring and building this little empire of mine.

Craft is a process in its own, you keep evolving and keep learning new skills every day. It is important we keep one motivated at all times. I try to keep adding new product line or just re-direct my current skill set by adding a variation.

I look at every day as a new learning and crafting day.

If you are a sucker for handmade beautiful things like I am, this is the place to be.

Exploring, evolving is the only way of life .