Let’s Go Green This Festive Season

Reuse-Recycle-Reduce-Re purpose-Refurbish

First things first, let’s talk about good things, when you buy a gift for your loved one get a gift from me “handmade with love”, absolutely FREE….yaaayyyyyy 🙂

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Let’s talk about the initiative now:-

We often talk about reducing the waste and doing our bit in contributing towards our environment, but then such conversations often gets reduced to swirl, sip and socializing with WINE.

Wine can actually help us in making our home environment beautiful, you will now ask me how? The answer to it is in its bottle. After you are done swirling, sipping and socializing, don’t just throw away the bottle, keep it or lend it to a craft addict like me, who sees everything as a possible craft material that can be converted in a beautiful piece of craft work.



A plain jane wine bottle can add so much to charm to your that favorite corner of your house. This year especially when world has suffered so much, these tiny little gesture from you to your loved ones can fill their heart and homes with so much of love.

Handmade gifts are not just a piece of product, it is piece that has been made with a lot of love and care. It a way of communicating to your loved ones, “THAT I CARE”.

So, make this small contribution of love and care not in the lives of your loved ones but also towards the environment.

And to all how and what and when and everything else there is always Crafty Pitara by Neha at your disposal.


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